Bakersfield Blaze Logo

Bakersfield Blaze Logo

The Bakersfield Blaze throughout its lifespan (1941-2016) affiliated with numerous teams of the California League and changed its name nine times. But the location of this minor league baseball team was always the same ‒ Bakersfield, California, as well as the place they played games ‒ Sam Lynn Ballpark.

The name “Blaze” was in use from 1995 to 2016 until the team folded.

Logo History

Bakersfield Blaze Logo history

The Blaze’s first logo shows a baseball with red flames to the left. The flames are trimmed in yellow and blue. The team’s name in blue outlined in yellow and blue is written across the baseball.

Fans don’t like the club’s second logo which they used from 2001 to 2011. It is just “Blaze” in block script forming some awkward geometric shape. The letters are in black with a triple outline ‒ yellow, red and black.

Bakersfield Blaze Logo baseball

In 2011 the Bakersfield Blaze introduced a new primary logo. There is no other imagery in it but the stylized wordmark “Blaze” in black with an orange outline. The letter “E” has a long tail on which “Professional Baseball” is written in white.

It is supposed that the black color represents the oil industry in Bakersfield, while orange symbolizes agriculture, particularly oranges.