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Borgward is the name of a German automaking company, which was established in 1929 and stopped operating in 1961. The brand, named after its founder, was pretty popular across Europe and specialized in designing and manufacturing sedans.

Meaning and history

Borgward Logo historyBorgward is one of the brands, which affected the European automaking industry most. And its logo stays one of the most recognizable and iconic even today.

1919 – 1945

Borgward Logo 1919
The Borgward badge designed in 1919 featured a cool and stylish combination of a rhombus crest in black and white, and horizontally stretched stylized wings in silver metal. The red lettering was placed inside the crest, on a horizontal silver rectangle. The rectangle was balanced by the solver frame of the rhombus and had a glossy surface.


Borgward Logo 1945
The redesign of 1945 removed the silver wings from the Borgward emblem and enlarged the rhombus. The color palette was switched to red and white, with the same pattern, though this time the segments were separated from each other with the thin silver lines, coming out of the silver frame, which was a bit thicker. The “Borgward” lettering was executed in black and set on a silver background in the middle of the rhombus. The inscription was executed in a bold sans-serif font.


Borgward Logo 19_
After another redesign, the Borgward badge gained a new color palette. The red and triangles from the crest were switched to the blue ones, and the logotype was set in Ted again. The crest itself became thinner and taller, looking elegant and fine. As for the inscription, the typeface turned serif, though it was still extra bold and solid.

2005 – Today

Borgward Logo

In 2015 the legendary geometric badge was redesigned according to the latest design canons.

The Borgward logo is composed of a vertically stretched rhombus which is divided into four parts by one vertical line and a horizontal plate with the wordmark. The rhombus features a white and red pattern, while it’s framing, separation line, and the rectangle with the nameplate are executed in silver-gray.

The three-dimensional badge has its metallic parts bold and voluminous, while the red and white background is flat. White is sometimes removed from the insignia in order to make it lighter, it becomes transparent and gets a color of the background, it is placed on.

The embossed lettering is executed in a modern geometric sans-serif typeface with slightly extended letters and masculine contours. It is executed in black, but sometimes, in some digital editions, can be shown in white, which also looks great on the badge.

What is Borgward?
Borgward is the name of the revived automobile manufacturing brand from Germany, which was established at the beginning of the 20th century and produced stylish luxury sedans. The initial company was closed in the 1960s and only reopened in the 2010s, but with the new concept.