Georgia Bulldogs Logo

Georgia Bulldogs Logo
The primary logo of the University of Georgia’s sports teams has been remarkably consistent: it hasn’t changed, even in the smallest detail, ever since it was introduced in 1964. The secondary logos, though, underwent considerable transformations.

Meaning and history Georgia Bulldogs Logo

Georgia Bulldogs Logo

The University of Georgia varsity athletic teams bear the name of Georgia Bulldogs. The school sponsors nearly twenty sports. The official mascot or the university’s athletic programs is an English Bulldog called Uga.

Old alternative logo

Old logo Georgia Bulldogs Logo
One of the alternative logos features the front view of a bulldog wearing a black and red baseball cap and a collar with spikes. Introduced in 1964, it’s still in use.
In 2013, Nike designed another emblem. While also featuring the front view of a bulldog, this version is simpler and not overloaded with details. You can refer to the Georgia Bulldogs logo images below to compare the two versions.

Primary symbol Georgia Bulldogs

symbol Georgia Bulldogs
The club’s main logo is a black letter “G” in a red oval. The background is white. The logo has never been modified throughout its more than 50-year history. Prior to it, the official Georgia Bulldogs emblem was a block “G.”
The oval “G” made its debut on the Bulldog’s red helmets in the opening game in 1964. The idea of the logo was introduced by Head Football Coach, Vince Dooley, while the person who actually developed it was the wife of one of former Georgia players.

Emblem Georgia Bulldogs controversy

Emblem Georgia Bulldogs
If you take a look at the emblem of the professional American football team the Green Bay Packers, you will notice that it looks very much like the Georgia football logo.
According to Georgia’s explanation, they noticed the similarity and asked NFL for permission to use their logo. Originally, the logos were not as alike as they are now – strangely enough, the Green Bay Packers modified their emblem several times, as the result of which it became even more like Georgia Bulldogs symbol.
However, even today, the Bulldogs logo isn’t an exact duplication of the Packers logo neither in shape nor in the colors, although you need to take a closer look to distinguish between them.


There’re two main athletic wordmark logos, each available in a variety of colors. The wordmarks feature bold contemporary letterforms. One of the distinctive elements is the way the “E” has all its bars cut in a way that they better fit the “O.” The wordmarks were designed by Nike.


Color Georgia Bulldogs Logo
The Georgia Bulldogs logo comprises the University’s official colors, called Arch Black (PMS Black) and Bulldog Red (PMS 200), as well as white for the background.