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The University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida, has a pretty competitive athletic program including nine women’s teams and eight men’s teams.

Meaning and history

South Florida Bulls Logo history

1974 – 1987

South Florida Bulls Logo 1974

The older logo featured only the name of the university in smaller letters paired with the abbreviation “USF” given in larger letters.

1996 – 2003

South Florida Bulls Logo 1996

The university used a different emblem where the bull theme was even more prominent. Here, you could see an angled view of the creature’s head in yellow and black. On the background, there was a green and yellow square with black trim. In comparison with the abstract current emblem, the previous one looked realistic.

2003 – 2011

South Florida Bulls Logo 2003

The bull theme has been the most obvious inspiration behind the current South Florida Bulls logo. The emblem features stylized horns of a bull. Their shape reminds the letter “U.” The body of the horns is dark green, and you can see white and gold trim.

2011 – Today

South Florida Bulls Logo

The redesign of the South Florida Bulls logo, held in 2011, was only about the color palette of the badge. The bold and aggressive composition remained untouched, just the shades of green and gold became lighter, adding some softness and elegance to the brutal logo with the stylized “U” and its horns.

South Florida athletic program

The program comprises 17 teams in various sports, including sailing, softball, football, baseball, and basketball, to name just a few. The teams compete at the NCAA Division I level. The South Florida Bulls football logo is the same as the university’s primary athletic mark.

South Florida Bulls Colors

HEX COLOR: #006747;
RGB: (0, 103, 71)
CMYK: (93, 10, 75, 43)

RGB: (207, 196, 147)
CMYK: (6, 8, 35, 12)