Maine Black Bears Logo

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The athletic teams representing the University of Maine compete under the name of the Maine Black Bears.

Meaning and history

Maine Black Bears logo history

1980 – 1999

Maine Black Bears Logo-1980

The previous Maine Black Bears logo looked very similar in its structure to the current one. The small nuances in the shape of the bear’s head and the typography were different, though.

1999 – Today

Maine Black Bears Logo

Taking into consideration the bear name and mascot, it seems only natural that the Maine Black Bears logo sports this scary creature. On the current crest, you can see the head of the bear showing his sharp teeth. On the background, the lettering “Maine” can be seen, which is placed slightly above the bear.

Maine Black Bears basketball

Maine Black Bears basketball logo

The men’s team has never made an appearance in the NCAA tournament. The head coach is Richard Barron. The women’s team is coached by Amy Vachon.

Maine Black Bears football

Maine Black Bears football logo

The football team of the University of Maine has appeared in the Division I-AA/FCS Playoffs eight times and has won thirteen conference championships.