Oregon Ducks Logo

Oregon Ducks Logo
Almost twenty varsity teams play under the name of the Oregon Ducks, which belong to the Oregon State University. Probably the most popular of them are the American football team and track and field program.

Meaning and history Oregon Ducks Logo

Oregon Ducks Logo

The earliest Oregon Ducks logo, which was adopted in 1974, features an angry Donald Duck walking through a 3D block “O” colored yellow and green. The “O” stood for the name of the state and the university.

Old logo

Oregon Ducks Logo old
It was only two decades later that the school decided to adopt a new, more “serious” logo. The decision might have been partly due to the fact that the cartoon character, in spite of his clenched fists, couldn’t look aggressive enough to scare off the team’s opponents. Instead of Donald Duck, a solemn combination of interlacing “U” and “O” appeared. The color scheme – green and yellow – remained unchanged.

The 1999 symbol Oregon Ducks

Oregon Ducks symbol
In 1999, the University made one more step towards simplicity. Now, the logo was as minimalistic as one can imagine. Nothing but a green capital “O” on the white background. Unlike in the two previous Oregon Ducks emblems, there were no more angles – the lines were perfectly smooth.

Alternative emblems Oregon Ducks

emblems Oregon Ducks
However, the teams haven’t got rid of the duck completely – he can still be seen on secondary logos. The secondary logo introduced in 2013 features a side view of Donald Duck wearing a scarf and hat. There’re several other alternative logos. The one adopted in 2011 sports the “O” with two wings on the sides, while the 2007 emblem features a duck’s webfoot. The 1999 Oregon football logo features Donald Duck with his fists clenched.

Why does the mascot look like Donald Duck?

Logo Oregon Ducks
The answer to this question is unbelievably simple: because he IS Donald Duck. Back in 1947, the university’s athletic director was a friend of Walt Disney’s, who gave him the permission to use Donald Duck as part of the university’s visual identity. After Disney’s departure in 1966, the school signed a written contract with his company.


The “Ducks” insignia scripted in green with a yellow trim was crafted by Nike in 2013. It doesn’t rely on any of the existing typefaces. Prior to it, the teams introduced several other wordmarks. For instance, the 1991 insignia (now discontinued) featured a block type, while the set of wordmarks that has been in use since 1999 is based on a clear and sharp contemporary sans-serif typeface.


Color Oregon Ducks Logo
The official colors of the University of Oregon are green (PMS 3435) and yellow (PMS 107). The two colors are used to create university’s visual identity, including its athletic logos.