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The emblem of the athletic program representing Michigan State University reflects the warrior theme introduced by its name.

Meaning and history

Michigan State Spartans Logo history

The Michigan State Spartans logo has been incredibly consistent at least throughout the last four decades. The emblem used currently is the same one that was introduced back in 1977. Its main and only element is a stylized Spartan helmet. We can see only the side view of the helmet, with the emphasized eye hole and the decorative top of the helmet.

The palette of the Michigan State Spartans logo comprises only two colors: dark green for the helmet and white for the background.

Michigan State Spartans baseball

Michigan State Spartans baseball logo

In 1954, the Spartans made a College World Series appearance. As of 2019, they have had five NCAA Tournament appearances. Their head coach is Jake Boss

Michigan State Spartans basketball

Michigan State Spartans basketball logo

Both the basketball teams of Michigan State University have enjoyed great success since their foundation in 1898. The men’s team has been the NCAA Tournament Champions twice. It has participated in the NCAA Tournament on 33 occasions, in the National Invitation Tournament on five occasions. The women’s team became the NCAA Tournament Runner-up in 2005.

Font and color

The visual identity of the Michigan State Spartans is based on a solid graphical image with no additional lettering. The emblem is set in one flat and intense shade of forest green, a color, which looks very solid and expensive, and evokes a sense of confidence, expertise and stability.


Michigan State Spartans Font

Michigan State Spartans Colors

HEX COLOR: #18453B;
RGB: (24, 69, 59)
CMYK:(82, 0, 64, 70)

RGB: (255, 255, 255)
CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 0)