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The emblem of the athletic program representing Michigan State University reflects the warrior theme introduced by its name.

Meaning and history

Michigan State Spartans Logo history

The emblem used currently is the same one that was introduced back in 1977. Its main and only element is a stylized Spartan helmet. We can see only the side view of the helmet, with the emphasized eye hole and the decorative top of the helmet.

1977 – 2010

Michigan State Spartans Logo 1977

The Michigan State Spartans logo, introduced in 1977, featured a clean and elegant image of a stylized Spartan helmet with a large decorative element on top. The helmet is drawn in a smooth and intense shade of green, with no additional color accents, just the transparent cut-outs, whose shades depend on the background the logo is placed on.

2010 – Today

Michigan State Spartans Logo

The redesign of 2010 has barely changed anything, just worked on its color, intensifying it. In the refreshed color, the logo started looking more elegant and expensive. The distinctive clean contours of the helmet, the dark, “serious” shade, everything about the badge works just fine.

Michigan State Spartans baseball

Michigan State Spartans baseball logo

In 1954, the Spartans made a College World Series appearance. As of 2019, they have had five NCAA Tournament appearances. Their head coach is Jake Boss

Michigan State Spartans basketball

Michigan State Spartans basketball logo

Both the basketball teams of Michigan State University have enjoyed great success since their foundation in 1898. The men’s team has been the NCAA Tournament Champions twice. It has participated in the NCAA Tournament on 33 occasions, in the National Invitation Tournament on five occasions. The women’s team became the NCAA Tournament Runner-up in 2005.

Font and color

The visual identity of the Michigan State Spartans is based on a solid graphical image with no additional lettering. The emblem is set in one flat and intense shade of forest green, a color, which looks very solid and expensive, and evokes a sense of confidence, expertise and stability.

Michigan State Spartans Helmet

Michigan State Spartans Helmets Logo

The design of the Michigan State Spartans player’s helmets hasn’t been changed for quite a long period. It is based on the same shade of green, as the one, used for the program’s logo. The green helmet is decorated with a white logo on the side and a wide white stripe in the middle. The grille of the helmet is also white, which adds lightness to the deep shade of green, and makes the players more visible on a field.

Michigan State Spartans Stadiums

The 23 teams of the Michigan State Spartans athletic program compete in fifteen different disciplines, including basketball, tennis, and ice hockey. And the University of Michigan does everything to support its athletes. One of the main things here is the sports facilities, and the Spartans have access to five stadiums, where the teams of all disciplines can compete and train.

Breslin Student Events Center

Breslin Student Events Center

Apart from being the main magnet of the students social life at MSU, the Breslin Students Events Center is the home arena for the basketball teams of the Michigan State Spartans athletic program. The center was built in 1989 and named after the university’s alumnus Jack Breslin, who initiated the construction of the stadium.

Clarence L. Munn Ice Arena

Clarence L. Munn Ice Arena

The Michigan State Spartans ice hockey team has their home ground in the Clarence L. Munn Ice Arena, which was built in East Lansing in 1974. The arena has a capacity of more than six thousand seats and is a hockey-only facility. The stadium was named after Clarence Munn, the former football coach of the Spartans.

Drayton McLane Baseball Stadium at John H. Kobs Field

Drayton McLane Baseball Stadium at John H. Kobs Field

The Michigan State University also has a baseball stadium on its territory, Drayton McLane, and this is the home for the Spartans men’s baseball team. The field was opened in 1902 and renovated only in 2006. However, in 2009 the stadium got a grant of more than 4 million USD for its complete reconstruction.

Jenison Fieldhouse

Jenison Fieldhouse

Before moving to the Breslin Center, the Spartans basketball teams had their home here, in Jenison FieldHouse, the arena, which was built in 1940. Today it is a multi-purpose stadium, which hosts games and other events. The FieldHouse has a capacity of 6 thousand seats, which is almost twice less than several decades ago.

Spartan Stadium

Spartan Stadium

The Spartan Stadium, built in East Lansing in 1923, is the home arena of the Michigan Spartans football team and is one of the six largest stadiums of the Big Ten Conference (which has 14 members). Started from modest 14 thousand seats in the 1920s, today the stadium has a capacity of 75 thousand, but can accommodate up to 80,000.

Michigan State Spartans Uniforms

Michigan Spartans is an athletic program with an extremely elegant and laconic color palette — dark green and white. So the uniforms of the teams also look great, as they all are designed according to the official color scheme. They lack ornate details and bright accents, and this is what makes the players look super confident and professional on the field.

Michigan State Spartans Basketball Uniform

Michigan State Spartans basketball uniform

The uniform of the Spartans basketball team for home games is executed in white, with the wide green stripes on the shorts complemented by the green lettering and players’ numbers in the same shade on the t-shirts. When the teams play away, they wear the dark green uniform with white stripes and white digits.

Michigan State Spartans Football Uniform

Michigan State Spartans football uniform

There are three options for the football uniform of Spartans: the color, the white, and the alternate. The color has pants and jerseys in dark blue, with gaiters and all the inscriptions set in white. The white uniform is all plain, with just the wordmarks and digits in dark green; the helmet for this uniform is green. And the alternate uniform is the brightest one: with white replaced by lime-green both on the helmets and the jerseys; as for the pants, they are all lime-green.

Michigan State Spartans Ice Hockey Uniform

Michigan State Spartans ice hockey uniform

The ice hockey uniform of the Spartans also has three options, but unlike the football one, the alternate is set in the traditional green and white palette. The home hockey uniform features green pants with white protection, white jerseys, the green script Michigan State lettering, and solid green helms with small white logos. The road uniform is all green, with white inscriptions and small details, such as wide stripes and logos. As for the alternate uniform, its bottoms are just the same as the home ones, but the white jerseys have green shoulders, and the “Michigan State” lettering is replaced by the uppercase “Spartans”.

Michigan State Spartans Soccer Uniform

Michigan State Spartans men's soccer uniform

The Spartans soccer uniform is plain and modest. There are just two options: the home and the road ones. The home is all white, with a thin green stripe around the collar; while the uniform the players wear when they are away is total-green, with a white collar line.

Michigan State Spartans Mascot Logo

Michigan State Spartans Mascot Logo history

The Michigan State Spartans Mascot’s name is Sparty. Its history dates back to the middle of the 1950s when MSU students created a huge paper-mache head of a man in a Spartan helmet. The current Sparty design is based on the image, introduced in 1989, and since then it has only been slightly reworked.

2000 – 2010

Michigan State Spartans Mascot Logo 2000

The Sparty logo from 2000 depicted a caricaturish mascot with a yellow face and hands, supported by pants of the same color. The dark green clothing of the figure had bold black details, creating a sense of motion. Sparty was holding a circular shield in one hand and a large sword in the other. The face of the male had a grimace full of determination and readiness to fight.

2016 – now

Michigan State Spartans Mascot Logo 2016

In 2016 the Sparty logo was significantly redesigned. The mascot of the Michigan Spartans is drawn in a cleaner and more modern manner, with a natural skin shade. Sparty is running straight on us, and pointing his finger in the same direction. He doesn’t have any weapons or shields in his hands.

2016 – now

Michigan State Spartans Mascot Logo 2016-now

Another version of the Sparty logo, introduced in 2016, had just one difference from the primary badge. If one hand of Sparty has its finger pointing at us, the second hand is holding a large waving flag. It is a dark green banner on a long flagstick, with the bold white “State” written on it in the title case of a modern sans-serif typeface.

2019 – now

Michigan State Spartans Mascot Logo

In 2019 one more version of the Sparty logo was created. This time it is a super minimalistic image, set in a white and green color palette. The only element on the badge is the head of the mascot, drawn in ¾. The man is wearing an ornate traditional Spartans helmet, which looks very similar to the one from the official logo of the Michigan State Spartans athletic program.


Michigan State Spartans Font

Michigan State Spartans Colors

HEX COLOR: #18453B;
RGB: (24, 69, 59)
CMYK:(82, 0, 64, 70)

RGB: (255, 255, 255)
CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 0)

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