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The name Michigan Tech Huskies is shared by the 14 varsity teams competing for Michigan Technological University.

Meaning and history

Michigan Tech Huskies Logo history

The foundation of the Michigan Tech Huskies is intertwined with the history of Michigan Technological University, established in Houghton, Michigan. The athletic department, an integral part of the university’s fabric, was formed to foster a spirit of competition and excellence in sports. Over the years, this vision has been vividly realized, especially in the realm of ice hockey. The Huskies’ ice hockey team, a powerhouse in the NCAA, has clinched several national championships, most notably in the 1960s. These victories not only underscored their dominance in this sport but also elevated the university’s reputation on the national sports stage.

Beyond ice hockey, the Huskies have shown commendable performances in basketball, football, and other sports, demonstrating the breadth and depth of their athletic capabilities. These achievements are a testament to the university’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded athletes and competitive sports programs. Today, the Michigan Tech Huskies stand as a beacon of athletic excellence within the NCAA. Their ongoing participation in top-tier national competitions continues to uphold the legacy of Michigan Technological University. The Huskies remain a proud emblem of sportsmanship and competitive fervor, consistently pushing the boundaries of collegiate sports and inspiring future generations of athletes.

What is Michigan Tech Huskies?
Representing the athletic ambition of Michigan Technological University, the Michigan Tech Huskies are more than just a collection of sports teams; they are a symbol of enduring athletic excellence and competitive spirit in NCAA Division II. Notably distinguished in ice hockey with a history of national triumphs, the Huskies encapsulate the university’s commitment to sportsmanship, excellence, and the holistic development of student-athletes. They continue to shine as a vital part of the NCAA, reflecting the dynamic and spirited nature of collegiate sports.


Michigan Tech Huskies Logo-1984

While a husky has been the central character of the Michigan Tech Huskies logo since at least 1984, it has evolved greatly throughout this period.

The 1984 logo featured the husky’s head inside a black ring housing the words “Michigan Technological University.” The word “Huskies” in a creative typeface could be seen on the forefront.


Michigan Tech Huskies Logo-1993

The 1993 emblem showcased the side view of the husky’s head. The left border of the image was stylized to imply speed and motion.


Michigan Tech Huskies Logo-2005

In 2005, the school updated the logo by adding the words “Michigan Tech” on the forefront.

2016 – Today

Michigan Tech Huskies Logo

The current Michigan Tech Huskies logo was adopted in 2016. The dog, which has been redrawn from scratch, looks both beautiful and determined.

Michigan Tech Huskies football

Michigan Tech Huskies football logo

The history of the football team started over 80 years ago. Their home arena is Sherman Field. While the university had to stop the program in 2003 due to financial reasons, it was brought back ten days later.

Michigan Tech Huskies ice hockey

Michigan Tech Huskies ice hockey logo

The men’s ice hockey team is the only athletic program sponsored by Michigan Technological University to play at the Division I level. The school has won three NCAA Division I championships and eight Western Collegiate Hockey Association championships.