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Tennessee Volunteers is the athletic program of the University of Tennessee, which is composed of twenty men’s and women’s teams in various sports disciplines, including Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, and many others.

Meaning and history

Tennessee Volunteers Logo history

Tennessee Volunteers is an athletic program, which represents the University of Tennessee, a public educational institution, which was established in Knoxville in 1794 as the Blount College. Its current name is the university got only in 1879.

As for the athletic program of UTK, the Tennessee Volunteers, it is composed of twenty men’s and women’s teams, which compete in the first division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, as a member of the Southeastern Conference, which was established in 1932, and today consists of 14 collegiate teams. The Volunteers have clubs in such sports disciplines as Baseball, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Golf, and several others.

Whatare Tennessee Volunteers?
Tennessee Volunteers is the name of an athletic program of the University of Tennessee, the United States. The program consists of 20 men’s and women’s teams, which compete in the first division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association in various sports disciplines.


Tennessee Volunteers Logo-1967
The very first badge for Tennessee Volunteers was designed in 1967 and stayed with the club for more than fifteen years. It was a dark yellow, close to orange, the composition of a stylized letter “T” set above the “Tennessee” logotype in the uppercase. The lettering was executed in a custom sans-serif typeface with the contours of the letters cut diagonally.


Tennessee Volunteers Logo-1983
The redesign of 1983 introduced a completely new badge for Tennessee Volunteers. The upper part was now taken by the image of a hunter, placed in profile facing to the right. As for the inscription, it was replaced by the “VOLS” abbreviation in a smooth stylized typeface with letters connected. Both elements of the logo were executed in a yellow and white color palette, with the yellow in a dark yet muted shade. The negative space on the “O” featured a five-pointed star, and the “LS” letters had three white horizontal stripes on them.


Tennessee Volunteers Logo-1997In 1997, the university returned to the logo adopted in 1967.

2015 – Today

Tennessee Volunteers Logo

Then, in 2015, the large orange “T” was slightly tweaked – it grew somewhat narrower and lighter.

The only color introduced on the logo, orange, was inspired by the common American daisy, which could be seen on the hills around Ayres Hall.

Tennessee Volunteers athletic program

Tennessee Volunteers Logo

As of 2019, there are 20 teams in the athletic program of the University of Tennessee, including a football team, a baseball team, two basketball teams, and more. While the Tennessee Volunteers basketball logo coincides with the primary athletic logo, the way it is used on the players’ uniforms slightly varies.

What are Tennessee Volunteers?
Tennessee Volunteers is the name of the collegiate sports program of the University of Tennessee, which is located in Knoxville. The program features a wide range of men’s and women’s sports clubs, with the football program as its most successful one.

Tennessee Volunteers Helmet

Tennessee Volunteers Helmet

Tennessee Volunteers are quite modest, and unlike most of their competitors have only one version of the helmet design. Set in a white and orange color palette, the helmets look very vivid and delightful. The bold orange “T” on the side of a white helmet with a white grille, is supported by a wide orange stripe in the middle.

Tennessee Volunteers Stadiums

The twenty men’s and women’s teams, united into the Tennessee Volunteers athletic program, take part in twelve sports disciplines. The athletes have an opportunity to train in modern and comfortable stadiums, including:

Lindsey Nelson Stadium

Lindsey Nelson Stadium

A home ground for the Tennessee Volunteers baseball team, the Lindsey Nelson Stadium was built in Knoxville in 1993. The only renovation of the facility was held in 2010. Today the stadium has a capacity of a bit more than 5,5 thousand seats.

Neyland Stadium

Neyland Stadium

One of the largest collegiate sports facilities in the country, Neyland Stadium has a capacity of over 101 thousand seats, and this is why the stadium serves not only as a home ground for the Tennessee Volunteers football team but also as an arena for NFL events.

Sherri Parker Lee Stadium

Sherri Parker Lee Stadium

Named after the University of Tennessee graduate, the Sherri Parker Lee Stadium, opened in 2008, is a home ground for the Tennessee Volunteers softball team. It is quite a compact facility with a capacity of 2,2 thousand seats.

Thompson-Boling Arena

Thompson–Boling Arena

Home for the Tennessee Volunteers basketball and volleyball teams, the Thompson-Boling Arena was built in 1987. After the stadium’s renovation in 2007, its capacity was reduced from 24,5 to 21,6 thousand seats.

Tom Black Track at LaPorte Stadium

Tom Black Track at LaPorte Stadium

The outdoor running track at LaPorte Stadium was opened in 1966, and since the very first day has become the home ground for the Tennessee Volunteers Track and Field men’s and women’s teams. The facility has a capacity of 7,5 thousand, with a record attendance of 9 thousand people in 1968.

Tennessee Volunteers Uniforms

The uniforms of the Tennessee Volunteers athletes are as modest as the helmets of the football players. No ornate details, no additional color accents, — everything is simple, bright, and straight.

Tennessee Volunteers Basketball Uniform

Tennessee Volunteers Basketball Uniform

For the Tennessee Volunteers basketball teams, there is a choice of three uniform designs: the home uniform is composed of a white t-shirt and white shorts, both with wide orange stripes on the sides; for the games away the players wear orange uniform with white side stripes; the alternate uniform features solid gray shorts and t-shirts with orange stripes in the sides.

Tennessee Volunteers Football Uniform

Tennessee Volunteers Football Uniform

The football uniform of the Volunteers is available in two options: the color one with white pants and orange jerseys, decorated by small white logos and large white numbers; and the white — with the reverse colors, orange pants, white jerseys, and orange detailing.

Tennessee Volunteers Mascot

Tennessee Volunteers Mascot Logo

The mascot of the Tennessee Volunteers athletic program is Smokey, a Bluetick Coonhound dog, which was first introduced in 1953. The mascot logo, with Smokey’s head, is drawn in a very bright and professional style with thick clean lines of black, brown, white, and blue shades. The dog looks determined and thoughtful, looking somewhere far.

Tennessee Volunteers Colors

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