Tennessee Volunteers Logo

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Tennessee Volunteers Logo
Simplicity and consistency have been probably the main features of the athletic logo of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

Meaning and history

Tennessee Volunteers Logo history

If you take a look at the Tennessee Volunteers logo introduced in 1967, you will hardly notice any difference from the current emblem. Although there have been several subtle modifications throughout these more than 50 years, the overall style and look of the logo has remained unchanged except for the period between 1983 and 1996. During these years, the university used a logo that depicted a man wearing a raccoon hat and holding a gun in his hands. Below, the teams’ nickname, Vols, could be seen.
In 1997, the university returned to the logo adopted in 1967. Then, in 2015, the large orange “T” was slightly tweaked – it grew somewhat narrower and lighter.
The only color introduced on the logo, orange, was inspired by the common American daisy, which could be seen on the hills around Ayres Hall.

Tennessee Volunteers athletic program

Tennessee Volunteers Logo
As of 2019, there are 20 teams in the athletic program of the University of Tennessee, including a football team, a baseball team, two basketball teams, and more. While the Tennessee Volunteers basketball logo coincides with the primary athletic logo, the way it is used on the players’ uniforms slightly varies.