Oklahoma Sooners Logo

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Oklahoma Sooners Logo
The University of Oklahoma located in Norman is represented by almost 20 varsity teams sharing the same typographic logo. It has gone through at least four modifications over the last 70 years.

Meaning and history

Oklahoma Sooners logo history

The Oklahoma Sooners logo introduced in 1952 looked utterly different from the way it does now. Back then, it featured a covered wagon with the word “Sooners” written on the canopy. The emblem contained an obvious visual reference to the history of the state. The word “Sooners” was used to refer to the settlers who came to the so-called Unassigned Lands in what is now the state of Oklahoma before the official start of the Land Rush of 1889.
The emblem, which replaced the wagon in 1966, had a completely different style. This time, you could see the letters “O” and “U” placed one over the other. In comparison with the previous logo, this one had more contrast, which was partly due to shade of red used and partly due to the solid shape.
In 1982, the emblem was slightly updated. The alterations were made both in the palette and the shape of the letters. Eventually, the Oklahoma Sooners logo got its current look in 1996.

Oklahoma Sooners football

Oklahoma Sooners football logo
So far, the Sooners have claimed seven consensus national championships won by selection in the major college football polls. Apart from these, in ten other seasons, the university has been placed atop lists by selectors designated by the NCAA as “major”, primarily on the basis of math rating formulas. However, we should add that math formula rankings are typically not recognized as national championships.
Additionally, the team has captured 48 conference titles.

Oklahoma Sooners basketball

Oklahoma Sooners basketball logo
As of 2019, the men’s basketball team of the University of Oklahoma has been the NCAA Tournament Runner-up two times. They have made 32 NCAA Tournament appearances and reached the NCAA Tournament Final Four on five occasions.
The women’s team was the NCAA Tournament Runner-up in 2002. They have made 21 NCAA Tournament appearances and reached the Final Four on three occasions. Their head coach is Sherri Coale. They compete in the Big 12 Conference of NCAA Division I.

Oklahoma Sooners softball

Oklahoma Sooners softball logo
The softball team has been the NCAA Tournament champions four times, while the total number of the NCAA Tournament appearances has reached 25. Also, the Sooners have had 13 NCAA WCWS appearances.

Oklahoma Sooners baseball

Oklahoma Sooners baseball logo
The Sooners compete in the NCAA Division I. They were the NCAA Tournament champions in 1951 and 1994.