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The 17 varsity teams representing the Georgia Institute of Technology play under the name of Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and share the same logo.

Meaning and history

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets logo history

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, an iconic symbol in collegiate sports, were founded as part of the Georgia Institute of Technology’s athletic program. The program’s roots trace back to the late 19th century, specifically to the year 1895, marking the inception of a legacy in competitive sports.

Over the years, the Yellow Jackets have achieved remarkable success across various sports, notably in football and basketball. In football, they have claimed four national championships, with their most recent triumph in 1990 under the guidance of coach Bobby Ross. The basketball team, not to be overshadowed, has made significant strides, consistently competing in the NCAA tournament and reaching the finals in 2004. Their success extends beyond these two sports, encompassing a wide range of athletic endeavors and consistently placing them in the upper echelons of collegiate athletics.

Presently, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets maintain their status as a formidable force in college sports. They continue to be a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), competing at the highest level and nurturing talent that often progresses to professional leagues. The program not only focuses on athletic prowess but also emphasizes academic excellence, ensuring a well-rounded development for its student-athletes.

What is Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets?
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets is the athletic program of the Georgia Institute of Technology, competing in NCAA Division I sports, particularly noted for achievements in football and basketball.


Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Logo-1964

We will start the story of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets logo from the one introduced in 1964. You could see a white “T” with a black trim and a pretty realistic black-and-white bee on the forefront.


Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Logo-1969

On the 1969 logo, the bee was colored yellow and black, while the “T” was removed.


Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Logo-1978

In 1978, the bee was redrawn and placed on top of the lettering “Georgia Tech” in a slab serif font.

1991 – Now

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Logo

In this form, the emblem existed until 1991, when the current Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets logo was introduced. Here, the bee is in flight, which helps to create a dynamic feel in comparison with the previous version. To the left, the letters “GT” can be seen.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets basketball

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets basketball logo

The men’s basketball team has made sixteen appearances in the NCAA Tournament and nine appearances in the National Invitation Tournament.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football logo

The football program, which is considered the most popular athletic program in Georgia Tech, has won four national championships and sixteen conference titles.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Colors

RGB: (179,163,105)
CMYK: (13,19,62,28)

RGB: (162,141,91)

HEX COLOR: #003057;
RGB: (0,48,87)
CMYK: (100,57,12,66)