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The 20 varsity teams comprising the athletic program of Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York, belong to  NCAA Division I and the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Meaning and history

Syracuse Orange Logo history


Syracuse Orange Logo-1972
The Syracuse Orange logo designed in 1972 was the most ornate and funny of all the versions ever created for the athletic program from Syracuse. It was a cool Native American man caricature in white and its black contouring. The man was wearing orange pants, which were balanced by white and orange feathers coming out of his hair and a small orange tomahawk in one of his hands. The man was drawn in profile facing to the left and the image was placed above the bright geometric “Syracuse” logotype in the uppercase. The orange letters were outlined in dark blue and had the shadow of the same color.


Syracuse Orange Logo-1989
The redesign of 1989 simplified and modernized the visual identity of the club. Now it was a vertically oriented rectangular banner in solid orange with a square white framing in its muddle. Inside the white square, there was a stylized futuristic letter “S” composed of two thick white fragments, which were forming a small orange square in the negative space. As for the lettering, it was all white and placed on an orange background above and under the square part of the logo. The “Syracuse” in a narrowed sans-serif was set on top of the badge, while the “University 1870” — on the bottom.


Syracuse Orange Logo-2001
In 2001 the Syracuse Orange logo was redrawn again. This time it was a new composition, formed by a stylized image of an arched stadium roof in orange and white, with the emboldened “SU” abbreviation in dark blue placed over it, in the middle. The lettering was executed in extra thick lines of a geometric sans-serif typeface with straight lines and numerous distinct angles. The massiveness of the letters was balanced by a thin orange outline drawn from the inner side of the contour.


Syracuse Orange Logo-2004
The redesign of 2004 introduced a new logo for the program. It was a simple yet sleek and modern “SU” monogram in orange, placed on a white background. Two intertwined letters were written in smooth lines with softened angles yet sharp diagonally cut ends of the lines, which represented the determination and power of the teams and their strong character.

2006 – Today

Syracuse Orange Logo

The large block “S” has been the primary athletic Syracuse Orange logo since 2006. The letter itself is orange and has a blue outline.

What is Syracuse Orange?
Syracuse Orange is the name of the college athletic program from the Syracuse University in New York. Today it is a very successful program, which consists of twenty various men’s and women’s teams that compete in different sports disciplines. The teams play in NCAA Division I.