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The core element of the University of Georgia logo is the three-pillar Arch inspired by the Seal of the State of Georgia.

Meaning and history

University of Georgia Logo

The School has two primary wordmarks. One of them consists of the word “Georgia”, while the other features the school’s full name “University of Georgia.” Both of them are accompanied with an emblem featuring an arc with three pillars and the lettering “1785” below. The pillars are the symbolic representation of the branches of government, yet quite a few people suppose that they symbolize the Georgia Constitution’s three principles, which can be seen on the banner hanging on the pillars of the Seal.

The arch design itself depicts the iron gateway that can be seen at the main entrance to the North Campus. The gateway, nicknamed The Arch, in its turn, was built with reference to the similar design on the Seal of the State of Georgia.

Seal and roundel symbol

university of georgia symbol

In addition to the iconic arch design, the Executive Seal includes the motto and the School’s name in Latin.

There is also a roundel logo that was created specifically for embroidered patches (for instance, on lab coats, smocks, and scrubs).

Athletic emblem

university of georgia emblem

The school’s sports teams go under the name of the Georgia Bulldogs. Their logo features the same color palette, yet is completely different in terms of the shape. The primary UGA logo is a black “G” in a red circle, while the secondary one sports a bulldog head. There is also an alternative logotype sporting the “G” in a circle with the words “Georgia Athletics” below.


The wordmark is a custom artwork, not typography. However, if there is a need to include a department name in the University of Georgia logo, the Trade Gothic Bold No.20 typeface or a similar sans serif font is recommended by the official brand style guide.


Color University of Georgia Logo

The main colors are the Bulldog Red (PMS 200, hex: #BA0C2F) and Arch Black (PMS Black, hex: #000000).