Saltillo Saraperos Logo

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Saltillo Saraperos Logo
While the logo of the Triple-A Minor League Baseball franchise the Saraperos de Saltillo comprises only the wordmark, it does have a unique and recognizable look due to the palette and the shape of the letters.

Meaning and History logo

Saltillo Saraperos Logo history

The Saraperos play in the Mexican League. They were founded in 1970. In 1979, the team was mentioned in the list of 100 greatest minor league franchises of all time.

Primary symbol

Saltillo Saraperos symbol
The main Saraperos de Saltillo logo features the word “Saraperos” in a beautiful script imitating handwriting. The most unusual glyph is the initial “S,” which has an intricate and complicated design. The end of the final “s” is extended to create a bold underline.

Cap emblem

Saltillo Saraperos emblem
The large “S” seen on the main logo is given in different colors.


Saltillo Saraperos Logo baseball
The colors of the Saltillo Saraperos logo – teal, red, yellow, green, white, and black – create a light and optimistic feel.