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Find My Device is a basic feature of Android cell phones that allows you to see the location of your children and spouses if you activate family access and enter all family members.

Meaning and history

Find My Device Logo history

Find My Device, an app designed to find lost Android smartphones was first introduced by Google in 2013. With this utility you can start a call on a lost phone, lock it, remotely erase all the information on it, or see on a map where your device is now.

The Find My Device app lets you track the current location of smartphones and tablets, lock your devices remotely, turn on a “siren,” and put your lost device in missing mode, which lets you find it faster.

All devices connected to your account are displayed at the top of the screen, making it easier to switch between them. Below is a map with the current coordinates, the current battery level, the name of the Wi-Fi network, and a list of available commands.

What is Find My Device?
Find My Device is a utility for finding lost Android smartphones. The feature was first introduced by Google in 2013. With the 2018 update, the application was updated with more features and simplified the principle of operation. Find My Device is a counterpart to Apple’s Find My iPhone service.

In terms of visual identity, Find My Device is not a very typical Google product, as the application started using the corporate color palette only after the redesign of 2023. Before that, the logo was very simple and literate.

2013 – 2023

Find My Device Logo 2013

The original Find My Device icon, introduced in 2013, was drawn in a muted green and white color palette, with a white mark in the shape of a location pin set on a solid green roundel. The green smartphone contour was placed in the center of the white element. There was nothing else on the badge, yet this simple composition fully reflected the purpose of the application.

2023 – Today

Find My Device Logo

The redesign of 2023 has adopted the corporate Google palette of four shades to the Find My Device logo. The new icon is an abstract and laconic radar sign with a thick ring in the center, overlapped by two triangular elements with arched sides, coming from the white center. The logo looks very modern and minimalistic.

Font and color

Find My Device Emblem

The visual identity of the Find My Device application only has a graphical part, with no lettering, and if there is a need for any inscription, it is usually set in the corporate Google style, with gray characters in a medium-weight sans-serif font.

As for the color palette of the Find My Device icon, it is based on four main shades — yellow, red, green, and blue, where green and blue are introduced in two shades. This makes the logo look more vivid and bright.