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Animeplyx is the name of an online portal with one of the largest collections of anime cartoons, available for online streaming and downloading for free. The website operates all over the globe and has a huge selection of cartoons and series available.

Meaning and history

Animeplyx provides its visitors with a large collection of anime cartoons and series, which can easily be searched through a convenient menu, whether by categories or by names. The portal is being updated regularly and does not require any registration or payments for the video content to be watched online or downloaded on your devices.

What is Animeplyx?
Animeplyx is the name of the website, which allows you to watch or download all the possible anime cartoons and series. The content is available on the platform in the HD format, and can easily be searched for, due to the conveniently-designed interface of the website.

In terms of visual identity, the Animeplyx website is bright and memorable, perfectly reflecting the main purpose of it in its main logo, and the delightful yet simple icon, which also works as a signifier.

2020 – Today

Animeplyx Logo

The Animeplyx logo, used on all the pages of the website, is just simple and laconic lettering in bold white title case. The two parts of the wordmark are glued to each other, without any additional space. The “A” and “P” are the only capitalized letters in this Sans-serif inscription. As for the typeface itself, it looks very similar to Helvetica family fonts. The lettering is set in white over a plain black background.

Although the main logo of the platform is more than just simple, there is a bright and memorable detail in the Animeplyx visual identity — its icon. Executed in a fuchsia-pink and white color palette, the icon features a traditional square shape with the angles slightly softened, and a bold capital letter “A” with the top part arched, set in white over a bright pink background. The whole element also boasts a thin white outline, which adds distinction and strength.

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