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Klook is a globally recognized travel experience platform established in 2014 and headquartered in Hong Kong. Valued at $1.4 billion, it specializes in connecting travelers with a variety of local tours, attractions, and services through its website and app. Serving as a comprehensive e-commerce platform, Klook offers a plethora of travel and leisure activities, enabling users worldwide to book and indulge in local experiences and adventures​​​​​​.

Meaning and history

Over its eight-year trajectory, Klook has soared, charting over 300% growth quarter-on-quarter within the Asia-Pacific region. Its anniversary marks not only a time of reflection but also a period of exponential service expansion, quadrupling its offerings. This growth spurt has energized recovery efforts in key markets, including Singapore and Korea, with financial milestones topping pre-pandemic earnings by 40%. Collaborative endeavors with various national tourism authorities have been critical in restoring traveler trust, spurring the creation of resonant, novel travel content. Klook’s dedication to platform enhancement is evident in its overhauled interface, which now features a discovery feed enriched by genuine user feedback, and an innovative feature enabling the crafting of bespoke travel plans, demonstrating its adaptive prowess and user-centric focus in the evolving landscape of travel.


Klook Logo

The logo “Klook” features a playful, colorful mosaic of shapes that form an abstract representation of excitement and discovery, embodying the essence of travel. The typography is modern and bold, with the letters in a bright orange hue that stands for energy and vibrancy. The font’s clean, sans-serif characters convey clarity and approachability. This logo effectively captures Klook’s spirit of adventure and its dedication to creating joyful travel experiences.

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