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Derways Automobile Company is a Russian automotive manufacturer established by the Deripaska family in Cherkessk, Russia. Initially focused on assembling Chinese and Korean car models, Derways later diversified into producing its own vehicles. The company aims to fill a niche in the Russian auto market, offering affordable yet modern cars. Known for models like the Aurora and Cowboy, Derways blends international designs with local manufacturing to cater to the Russian consumer’s needs and preferences.

Meaning and history

Founded in 2003, Derways Automobile Company emerged as a pioneer in the Russian automotive industry. Initiated by the influential Deripaska family, the company embarked on a mission to revolutionize the local auto market. Derways initially specialized in assembling vehicles from Chinese and Korean blueprints, a strategic move that allowed them to quickly establish a foothold in the market.

As the company grew, it expanded its vision, venturing into the production of its own models. This shift marked a significant milestone, as Derways began blending international automotive trends with a distinct Russian touch. Their notable models, like the Aurora and the Cowboy, became symbols of this synthesis, offering Russian consumers modern, affordable vehicles without compromising on style or functionality.

Throughout its journey, Derways has navigated the challenges of the competitive automotive sector, adapting to changing market demands and consumer preferences. Their focus on affordability and modern design helped them carve out a unique niche in the Russian market. Derways stands as a testament to the innovative spirit of Russian entrepreneurship, continuously driving forward with an eye towards the future of automotive design and production.

What is Derways?
Derways,  founded in 2003 in the scenic city of Cherkessk, Russia, stands as a dynamic player in the automotive industry. Pioneered by the innovative Deripaska family, this enterprise initially focused on assembling cars from international designs and later evolved into crafting its own distinctive vehicle models, catering to the evolving needs of the Russian auto market.


Derways logo

The logo for Derways features the brand’s name in an assertive, uppercase sans-serif font. This central text is ensconced between two sleek arcs that gently bow above and below, reminiscent of a car’s swift movement. The stark red of the letters and curves stands out with a professional clarity, suggesting a blend of tradition and modernity in the company’s identity.