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Lloyd is the name of a British automaking brand, which was established in 1936 and only lasted for 15 years. After 1951 the company changed its specialization into engineering and worked in that field until 1983. During its vehicle manufacturing period, Lloyd has released two car models.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the Lloyd car brand has always been very consistent. Its geometric shape and the overall composition have never been changed, the only modifications were made to its color palette and the wordmark’s typeface.

The Lloyd badge is composed of a triangle with a double outline and a vertically striped pattern. The brand’s name is placed on the bottom side of the emblem, along the triangle’s base and under the stripes.

Lloyd Logo

The older version of the logo was executed in the white, black, and red color palette, a combination, representing power, passion, and loyalty. But the latest redesign switched colors to fresher and more modern ones — silver gray, blue and red. The logo was also made three-dimensional, where both stripes and letters gained shadow and the gray outline became glossy and gradient.

The wordmark in all capitals is written in a bold and clean sans-serif typeface, which looks professional and strict in blue, balanced with the framing of the same color. The new color scheme of the Lloyd visual identity reflects authority and expertise, along with the energy and reliability of the company.