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Etnerap, an automobile manufacturer, was owned by Antonio Augusto Parente. The Portugal-based company, established in the mid-1950s, focused on the production of unique and handcrafted cars. With a dedicated workforce, it operated extensively across the European region.

Meaning and history

Etnerap Logo history

Antonio Augusto Parente founded Etnerap, a specialized automaker, in Portugal, between 1950’s and 1957. During its active years, the company achieved remarkable feats in the automotive industry, producing bespoke cars that were highly admired. Though operations ceased in the late ’50s, the legacy of Etnerap’s distinct craftsmanship remains a notable mark in the auto history.

What is Etnerap?
Etnerap is a Portuguese automaker that was active from 1950’s to 1957. Founded by Antonio Augusto Parente, the company specialized in manufacturing handcrafted cars.

1950’s – 1953

Etnerap Logo 1950s

A majestic emblem was used by the company in the early 50s. It was done in a golden and red color palette with a touch of beige. There were multiple symbolic elements which included a fortress at the bottom of the logo, a ship in the upper left corner, and a shield across the ship. The company name stood out against the bright background and was placed diagonally across the emblem.

1953 – 1957

Etnerap Logo

A golden crown above the shield gave the logo a truly royal style. The shield was done in bright yellow with a golden border. A red strap was going diagonally across the shield and featured the company name printed in white. The positioning of the inscription and even the font made a reference to the earlier emblem. In the bottom right corner, the logo featured a flying stark that is done in the same style as the crown. There were a few other details, such as a small inscription at the bottom of the emblem that said “Portugal” and a small star in the upper left corner.