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Carlsson is a renowned automotive company specializing in vehicle customization and performance enhancements. It was founded by brothers Rolf and Andreas Hartge in Germany. With a strong focus on luxury vehicles, Carlsson operates globally, catering to a discerning clientele seeking exclusive and personalized automotive experiences.

Meaning and history

Carlsson Logo

Carlsson is a renowned automotive tuning company founded by brothers Rolf and Andreas Hartge in 1989. Over the years, they have achieved significant success in the field of car customization and performance enhancements. Carlsson is known for their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, which has earned them a reputation for producing high-quality and powerful vehicles. Their remarkable achievements include numerous accolades for their bespoke luxury cars and innovative technology advancements. Carlsson continues to thrive as a prominent player in the automotive industry, delivering exceptional tuning and customization solutions to discerning customers worldwide.

What is Carlsson?
Carlsson is a renowned automobile tuning company founded in 1989. They specialize in enhancing and customizing luxury car models, offering exclusive performance upgrades, exquisite interior modifications, and striking exterior designs.