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The Elizabethton Twins, a former Minor League Baseball team, were owned by the Minnesota Twins. As a Rookie League affiliate of the MLB team, they developed young players within the Appalachian League. The team was based in Elizabethton, Tennessee, where it operated its home games at Joe O’Brien Field. Their primary function was to provide training and game experience for baseball players on the path to higher levels of professional baseball, aiming to foster talent and prepare individuals for their journey toward a potential MLB career.

Meaning and history

Elizabethton Twins Logo history

The Elizabethton Twins were founded in 1974 as an affiliate of the Minnesota Twins, serving as a Rookie-level team within the Appalachian League. Throughout their tenure, the Twins made significant contributions to baseball player development. Over the decades, the Elizabethton Twins built a reputation for excellence in cultivating future MLB talent, with many alumni successfully advancing to higher levels of professional baseball and ultimately making their way to Major League rosters.

Their consistent performance on the field earned them numerous Appalachian League championships, establishing them as one of the league’s most successful teams. They won over 10 league titles during their history, showcasing their ability to identify and nurture emerging baseball talent. This winning legacy helped build a strong fan base, drawing consistent local support for the team.

Despite their success, the Elizabethton Twins faced challenges when the structure of Minor League Baseball was reshaped in 2020. In the reorganization process, MLB decided to eliminate several minor league teams, including the Elizabethton Twins. Although the franchise was dissolved, its legacy remains strong through the careers of many successful players who passed through their ranks. The Elizabethton River Riders, a team in the Appalachian League’s new collegiate summer baseball format, now fill the void left by the Twins and continue to entertain baseball fans in Elizabethton.

What is Elizabethton Twins?
The Elizabethton Twins were a Rookie-level Minor League Baseball team affiliated with the Minnesota Twins. They played in the Appalachian League, developing young players at Joe O’Brien Field in Elizabethton, Tennessee, until their dissolution following the 2020 restructuring of Minor League Baseball.

Elizabethton Twins logo

Primary symbol

Elizabethton Twins Symbol

Similar to the emblem of the Minnesota Twins, the Elizabethton Twins logo depicts the “Twins” script over a white baseball with red seams. However, unlike the parent team’s logo, there’s no blue ring. Also, there’s the word “Elizabethton” in dark blue.

Cap emblem

Elizabethton Twins emblem

The same “Twins” script as on the main logo is placed over a large script “E.”

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