Elizabethton Twins Logo

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Elizabethton Twins Logo
The Elizabethton Twins logo is almost a copy of the Minnesota Twins emblem. That’s only natural as the two teams have been connected for almost half a century.

Meaning and History logo

Elizabethton Twins Logo history

The Minor League Baseball team Elizabethton Twins was founded in 1974 and became a farm team for the Minnesota Twins the same year. It plays in the Appalachian League at the Rookie level.

Primary symbol

Elizabethton Twins Symbol
Similar to the emblem of the Minnesota Twins, the Elizabethton Twins logo depicts the “Twins” script over a white baseball with red seams. However, unlike the parent team’s logo, there’s no blue ring. Also, there’s the word “Elizabethton” in dark blue.

Cap emblem

Elizabethton Twins emblem
The same “Twins” script as on the main logo is placed over a large script “E.”