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Einthusan is a premier South Asian streaming service offering a vast library of licensed feature films in various Indian languages.  As a digital content provider, Einthusan not only streams full-length films but also audio albums, movie clips, and music videos. The company has a notable presence in the media and entertainment sector and maintains active operations, with a reported revenue of $14.6 million and a team of 76 employees.

Meaning and history

Einthusan embarked on its journey in 2011, establishing its roots in the vibrant city of Toronto, Canada. Its primary mission was to emerge as a pioneering digital streaming platform dedicated to South Asian content. From its inception, Einthusan has diligently curated an extensive array of licensed films spanning a multitude of Indian languages. As time progressed, the platform’s scope evolved to encompass an even broader spectrum of entertainment, including audio albums, snippets from movies, and captivating music videos, ensuring it could cater to an array of diverse media consumption preferences.

Einthusan’s remarkable journey is a testament to its unwavering dedication to showcasing the richness of South Asian cinema to a global audience. This commitment perfectly aligns with the escalating demand for an eclectic and easily accessible entertainment experience. As it continues to flourish, Einthusan stands as a beacon of cultural diversity in the world of streaming media, steadfastly serving its audience’s cravings for captivating content.


Einthusan Logo

The logo displays the name ‘Einthusan’ in a flowing, cursive script that conveys elegance and fluidity. The letters are crafted in a bold black that stands out with classic simplicity, suggesting a sense of sophistication and style. The typographic choice, with its smooth curves and elongated forms, gives off an artistic and refined vibe, mirroring the brand’s dedication to delivering a rich and cultured viewing experience. This design merges traditional elegance with a modern twist, reflecting the company’s blend of classic and contemporary South Asian entertainment offerings.

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