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Edsel, once an automobile brand, was established by the Ford Motor Company in the late 1950s. Owned by Ford, Edsel was headquartered in Michigan, USA. Known for their distinctive design, Edsel cars, however, failed to capture the consumer market and ceased production in 1960.

Meaning and history

Edsel was initiated in 1957 by Henry Ford II, under the umbrella of Ford Motor Company. Its cars were noted for their innovative technology and unique style. However, despite these promising attributes, Edsel struggled to establish itself in the market. By 1960, due to overwhelming financial losses and poor consumer response, Ford discontinued the Edsel line. As of now, Edsel is remembered as a case study in marketing missteps.

What is Edsel?
Edsel was an automobile brand launched by Ford Motor Company in 1957. Despite innovative design and technology, it failed to gain traction and ceased operations in 1960.

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