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Asquith Motor Company carves out a distinct space in the vehicle industry, resurrecting the elegance of vintage commercial transports. Birthed from the vision of Bruce West, this English brand marries the timeless allure of bygone aesthetics with the prowess of modern-day mechanics. Asquith’s fleet, echoing the designs of yesteryear’s vans and cabs, comes engineered with today’s technological advancements. These charmingly antiquated yet functionally advanced vehicles frequently become the centerpiece at promotional events and matrimonial celebrations, striking a harmonious balance between nostalgic grace and modern-day efficiency.

Meaning and history

Asquith Motor Company, initiated by Bruce West in England, carved a niche in the automotive world with its distinctive approach. The company’s inception in the late 20th century marked a revival of 1920s-style vehicles, merging vintage charm with modern mechanics. Asquith specialized in crafting vehicles reminiscent of classic vans and taxis, yet underpinned by contemporary technology.

Their creations, a blend of nostalgia and innovation, catered to niche markets like promotions, special events, and unique transport solutions. Despite their retro appearance, Asquith’s vehicles boasted modern comforts and reliability, offering a whimsical yet practical automotive experience. This fusion of past and present in their designs made Asquith Motor Company a notable name in specialty vehicle manufacturing.

What is Asquith Motor Company?
Asquith Motor Company, founded by Bruce West in England, specializes in creating vintage-style commercial vehicles with a modern twist. They ingeniously blend early 20th-century aesthetics with contemporary technology, crafting unique vans and taxis that serve both promotional and special event purposes. This fusion of old-world charm and modern reliability makes Asquith a distinctive player in the specialty automotive industry.


Asquith Logo

The logo features a stylized, regal horse in profile. It is perched atop a banner bearing the name ‘Asquith’ in bold, flowing script, set against a deep green backdrop. The design exudes a classic, timeless air, suggestive of heritage and reliability.

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