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E-One, a subsidiary of REV Group Inc., is a leading fire apparatus manufacturer globally. Located in Ocala, Florida, E-One designs, manufactures, and markets first-responder vehicles, committed to providing reliable, high-quality emergency apparatus. Serving in 56 countries, its expansive reach has solidified its place in the industry.

Meaning and history

Established in 1974 by Robert Wormser, E-One (Emergency-One) has become a global leader in fire emergency solutions. It made significant strides, pioneering aluminum fire trucks, significantly reducing vehicle weight. Today, as part of the REV Group, E-One continues its legacy, offering a diverse range of fire trucks, rescue vehicles, and other emergency apparatus. It is known for its innovative design, quality manufacturing, and extensive post-sale service.

What is E-One?
E-One is a world-renowned manufacturer of fire trucks and emergency response vehicles, known for its commitment to innovation, quality, and service. Based in Florida, it’s a subsidiary of REV Group Inc.

E-One Logo