E-One Logo

E-One LogoE-One Logo

E-One, a subsidiary of REV Group Inc., is a leading fire apparatus manufacturer globally. Located in Ocala, Florida, E-One designs, manufactures, and markets first-responder vehicles, committed to providing reliable, high-quality emergency apparatus. Serving in 56 countries, its expansive reach has solidified its place in the industry.

Meaning and history

Established in 1974 by Robert Wormser, E-One (Emergency-One) has become a global leader in fire emergency solutions. It made significant strides, pioneering aluminum fire trucks, significantly reducing vehicle weight. Today, as part of the REV Group, E-One continues its legacy, offering a diverse range of fire trucks, rescue vehicles, and other emergency apparatus. It is known for its innovative design, quality manufacturing, and extensive post-sale service.

What is E-One?
E-One is a world-renowned manufacturer of fire trucks and emergency response vehicles, known for its commitment to innovation, quality, and service. Based in Florida, it’s a subsidiary of REV Group Inc.

The Logo

E-One Logo

The logo is for E-One, a leading manufacturer specializing in fire trucks and emergency response vehicles. The logo is sleek and modern, featuring a three-dimensional oval with a metallic gray border that exudes a sense of robustness and reliability. Inside the oval, the background is a deep, textured black that contrasts sharply with the company’s name, which is presented in bold, white uppercase letters. The “E-ONE” text is split into two parts: “E-” on the left and “ONE” on the right, with a dash connecting them, emphasizing unity and strength in the brand’s identity. This design choice conveys a strong, professional image that aligns well with the company’s industry of emergency services, where precision and dependability are paramount. The logo is also marked with the registered trademark symbol, underscoring the company’s established presence and commitment to quality in its sector.