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Campagna Motors is a Canadian company renowned for designing and manufacturing three-wheeled vehicles, known as T-Rex and V13R. Established by Daniel Campagna in Quebec, Canada, the firm specializes in creating unique, high-performance trikes. These vehicles, a hybrid between a car and a motorcycle, offer a distinctive driving experience. They were created to provide the thrill of a motorcycle with a touch more stability and comfort, appealing to enthusiasts seeking an unconventional ride.

Meaning and history

Campagna Logo history

Campagna Motors, originating in Quebec, Canada, was founded in 1988 by Daniel Campagna, a former Ferrari mechanic. Inspired by his passion for racing and unique vehicle designs, Campagna aimed to blend motorcycle exhilaration with car-like comfort. The company’s flagship model, the T-Rex, emerged as a groundbreaking three-wheeled vehicle, offering a novel driving experience. Later, the V13R model joined, adding diversity to the lineup. Despite financial challenges, including a temporary shutdown, Campagna Motors has persisted, continually innovating in the niche market of trikes, focusing on high performance and distinctive styling. This journey reflects a fusion of engineering prowess and a commitment to unique vehicle experiences.

What is Campagna Motors?
Campagna Motors, established in Quebec, Canada, is an innovative automobile manufacturer known for its distinctive three-wheeled vehicles, like the T-Rex and V13R. Blending motorcycle agility with the stability of a car, they offer a unique, exhilarating driving experience.

1997 – 2008

Campagna Logo 1997

The logo presents the word “CAMPAGNA” in bold, capitalized letters, exhibiting a modern and dynamic typeface. The letters lean forward, suggesting motion and speed, evocative of the brand’s focus on high-performance, three-wheeled vehicles. The design is minimalist, using only black and white colors, which accentuates its sleek and professional look. The typography is distinctive, with sharp angles that mirror the edgy design philosophy of the company’s unique automotive creations.

2008 – Today

Campagna logo

This emblem features a large, bold “C” encircling itself, suggesting both inclusivity and motion. Below it, “Campagna” is written in an elegant, cursive script, adding a touch of sophistication. The contrast between the strong geometric “C” and the flowing script highlights the brand’s blend of robust engineering and artistic design. The overall design is striking yet simple, using only black and white to convey timeless style. The registered trademark symbol indicates a protected brand identity.

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