Gemballa logo

Gemballa logo

Gemballa logo PNG

Both the current Gemballa logo and the old one are based on the name of the brand. In spite of this, they look totally different.

Meaning and history

Gemballa Logo history

The tuning company Gemballa was established by Uwe Gemballa in 1981. It is located in Leonberg near Stuttgart, Germany. The most known products are aftermarket parts for Porsche, although Gemballa also works with other car makes.

In May 2010, after Uwe Gemballa disappeared, the factory stopped working. Later, the company founder was found dead in South Africa, where he had been lured. The brand rights were bought by the company CEO and an investor and it started working as GEMBALLA GmbH in four month.

2017 – Today

Gemballa symbol

The design has a stylish hi-tech feel. The letters are white with black trim. They have a very unusual shape based on squares. The distorted proportions give the design a unique and memorable look, as well as dynamism. The only problem here is legibility.

2011 – 2017

Gemballa Logo old

While the font on the old Gemballa logo was better legible, it was less distinctive, too. It was a simple italicized sans serif type. To make the logo more distinctive, the design team added a symbol, a stylized letter “G” looking like a spiral. The emblem could be seen not only in black and white but also in red.

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