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Part of the Mexican League, the Leones de Yucatán have had almost the same logo since at least 2000.

Meaning and history

Yucatan leones Logo history

The Leones de Yucatán were founded in 1954 and joined the Mexican League the same year. The name of the franchise, which means “Yucatán Lions” in English, was inspired by the beer company that belonged to the founders of the team.

1954 – 2000

Yucatán Leones logo 1954The previous version of the Leones de Yucatán logo depicted the side view of a lion’s head with three stars above and the name of the team below.

2000 – Today

Yucatán Leones logo

The emblem was slightly updated in its palette and shape. The original orange stars grew green, the typeface became bolder, while the letters became larger. Also, the shade of green is now somewhat brighter than on the earlier Yucatán Leones logo.