Eugene Emeralds Logo

Eugene Emeralds Logo

The baseball franchise the Eugene Emeralds, which belongs to the Northwest League, has updated its logo twice since 2004.

Meaning and history

Eugene Emeralds Logo history

The team established in 1955 is the Class A short-season affiliate of the Chicago Cubs.

Old symbols

Eugene Emeralds symbol

The 2004 Eugene Emeralds logo depicted the letters “EMS” with a baseball flying over them. The design was placed inside a dark green shield with two crisscrossed baseball bats behind.

As a result of the 2010 redesign, the lettering “EMS” was replaced by “Emeralds” and a depiction of the Emerald Valley was added.

The 2013 emblem

Eugene Emeralds emblem

The current logo, which was developed in collaboration with Brandiose, features Sasquatch, a creature that, according to North American folklore, lives in the woods of the Oregon state.


Eugene Emeralds Logo baseball

Using the fluorescent green as a logo color has been problematic for a minor league team with a limited printing budget.