Charlotte Stone Crabs Logo

Charlotte Stone Crabs logoCharlotte Stone Crabs Logo PNG

Although the Charlotte StoneCrabs logo borrows the color palette and ocean theme from the emblem of their parent team, it’s based on an utterly different visual metaphor.

Meaning and history

StoneCrabs Logo history

The franchise was established in 1980 as the Vero Beach Dodgers and adopted its current name in 2009. They’ve been the Class A-Advanced affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays since 2007.

Charlotte Stone Crabs logo

Primary symbol

StoneCrabs symbol

The stone crab in blue is depicted over the name of the team. The Charlotte Stone Crabs logo features a tiny yellow and white star, like the one that can be seen on the emblem of the Tampa Bay Rays.

Cap emblem

StoneCrabs emblem

White letters “S” and “C” can be seen on the dark blue background. The iconic yellow and white star can be seen in between.


StoneCrabs Logo

The color scheme of the Charlotte Stone Crabs emblem coincides with that of their parent team. In addition to navy blue and light blue, it includes yellow and white.