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UzAuto Motors is a leading automaker based in Uzbekistan. The company, owned by the Uzbek government, specializes in the production of cars, buses, and trucks. With its headquarters in Asaka, UzAuto Motors has significantly contributed to the automotive industry in Central Asia. They’ve expanded their presence through exports and partnerships.

Meaning and history

UzAuto Motors Logo history

UzAuto Motors, founded in 2009, has swiftly risen to prominence in Uzbekistan’s automotive sector. Originating from the rebranding of GM Uzbekistan, the company has a rich history in vehicle production. Over the years, UzAuto Motors has showcased a commitment to quality, producing a wide range of vehicles catering to different market segments. Their main plant in Asaka stands as a testament to their industrial achievements. Recently, the company has been taking strides in expanding its international footprint, with export operations and forging global partnerships. Today, UzAuto Motors remains a critical pillar in Uzbekistan’s economic landscape, demonstrating resilience and ambition in the automotive domain.

What is UzAuto Motors?
UzAuto Motors is a prominent Uzbekistan-based automaker, producing cars, buses, and trucks. Owned by the Uzbek government, it plays a vital role in Central Asia’s automotive industry.

2008 – 2019

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2019 – now

UzAuto Motors Logo

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