Bud Light Logo

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Bud Light LogoThe current version of the Bud Light logo is a perfect illustration of how a retro design may look really fresh and modern.

Meaning and History logo

Bud Light logo history

In 1990-2016 the Bud Light emblem remained basically the same. It featured the wordmark with a version of the swoosh sign on the left.


Bud Light emblem
The original emblem, which was introduced in 1982, featured the words “Budweiser Light Beer” with an intricate emblem above. All these were placed inside a circle shape. In 1984, the company adopted a simple logotype featuring a custom bolded sans serif font


Bud Light symbol
The latest update took place in late 2015. The Bud Light logo looked almost identical to the 1984 one, except for the shift in the color palette. The logo sported the name of the beverage placed inside a rectangular shape with rounded corners. It was the first time in fifteen years when the “AB” insignia could be seen on the can.


Font Bud Light Logo
All the wordmarks featured custom sans serif typefaces created specifically for the multinational corporation Anheuser-Busch InBev. As the result of the 2016 update, the italicized typeface was replaced by the iconic font developed for the 1990s logotype.


Color Bud Light Logo
Although the 2016 version features only blue and white, for most of the beverage’s history, its logo also included red elements. Red could be seen in the emblem in 1990-2009 and then in 2013-2016.
bud light new logo