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San Pellegrino is a famous brand of bottled sparkling water, established in 1899 in Italy. Today the label is a part of Nestle Group and is one of the world’s most known and best-selling mineral water brands.

Meaning and history

The San Pellegrino visual identity is modest yet extremely elegant and powerful. Composed of a wordmark with an emblem above it, it is a celebration of Italian style and taste.

The “S.Pellegrino” inscription in all capital letters is written in an extra bold serif typeface with distinct lines and edges. The navy blue lettering features a white shadow with a thin blue outline, which adds geometrical structure to the logo.

S. Pellegrino Logo

The brand’s iconic emblem is a red star with a thin white contour inside. It looks simple and laconic, yet there is a lot of power in this perfectly executed symbol.

The San Pellegrino logo is an example of a timeless classic. It is a great reflection of a luxury brand with a rich history and heritage. The brand’s visual identity represents it as a reliable and trustworthy company with expertise in quality and design.

The red and blue color palette is a symbol of passion and professionalism, progress and stability. One of the strongest color combinations possible, it is perfectly accompanied by white details, which add a sense of purity and loyalty to the brand’s logo.

Current emblem

Logo S. Pellegrino

The modern version looks very much like many of its predecessors. The type is a rather bold one, with elegant thin serifs. It is in no way minimalist: the bars in the “E” have different lengths, the “R” has an unusual curved end, the ends of some of the glyphs are cut diagonally. The star is red with white trim.

The designers of the San Pellegrino logo have managed to preserve a balance: you can feel the heritage but the design does not look utterly old-fashioned.

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