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Brilliance is the name of a relatively young Chinese automaking company, which was established in 1992. The company design and produces over 600 thousand vehicles per year and has its sales offices all over the globe.

Meaning and history

Brilliance Logo history

Brilliance is a famous Chinese automaker, which was founded in 1991 by Yang Rong, a well-known Asian entrepreneur who fled his country in 2002. Under his leadership, Brilliance Auto Group became one of the leading Chinese minibus manufacturers and was the first Chinese company to go public on the New York Stock Exchange.

Today Brilliance is a large holding company comprising four sub-brands: Brilliance China Automotive Holdings, Shanghai Shenhua Holdings, Brilliance Jinbei Automobile,Xinchen China Power Holdings, as well as more than 100 subsidiaries and equity firms, 2 research centers, and 28 spare parts manufacturing enterprises.

Brilliance takes the 7th line in the ranking of China’s largest automobile companies and is the only Chinese automaker with the German BMW as the strategic partner.

What is Brilliance?
Brilliance is the Chinese automobile brand, which doesn’t have a long history, but only in a few years of its existence, managed to become one of the most powerful automaking groups in the world. Today Brilliance manufactures vehicles under its own brand, and also several different smaller ones.

1992 – 2002

Brilliance Logo-1992
The very first logo for Brilliance was introduced in 1992 and stayed with the corporation for ten years. It was a simple and traditional combination of burgundy “Brilliance Auto” lettering in a bold serif typeface, written in the title case, and a Chinese tag line with the name of the company in light gray hieroglyphics, set under the thin gray horizontal line.

2002 – Today

Brilliance Logo

The visual identity of the famous Chinese car brand is composed of a graphical emblem, which is very well recognized across the world and a modern and bright logotype, which is sometimes placed under the emblem, and sometimes used on its own, mostly in official documents and printed materials.

The emblem of the Brilliance Auto is composed of a rounded silver symbol, where an abstract smooth figure is enclosed. The composition reminds of a cup or a Grail but executed in a modern and minimalist way.

The gradient silver metal and its glossy surface only add timelessness and strength to a three-dimensional emblem, while the red logotype represents passion, progress, and professionalism.

The Brilliance wordmark, placed under the emblem, is written in all capitals of a custom sans-serif typeface, where the horizontal bar of the letter “A” is removed and “B” has a sharp and playful tail coming out from its upper part.

The intense red color of the inscription balanced the calm silver and represents the Brilliance brand as the one that values energy and dynamics, along with design and style.

Font and Color

The bold uppercase lettering from the primary Brilliance badge is set in a custom typeface, based on a heavy geometric sans-serif, with some interesting modifications in the “B”, “A” and the “E”. The closest font to the one, used in the Brilliance insignia, is, probably, Dilemma Sans Black XP.

As for the color palette of the Brilliance visual identity, it is based on a combination of black and burgundy, a very chic and elegant mix, which looks Royal and expensive, evoking a sense of style, precision, and excellence. The black here is glossy and voluminous, while the burgundy elements are set in flat plain shade, balancing the sparkling emblem and supporting the seriousness of the badge.