Biloxi Shuckers logo

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Biloxi Shuckers logo
While the logo of minor league baseball team the Biloxi Shuckers shows a shucked oyster, their opponents and fans instantly understand that it’s not oysters that the players are going to shuck during the following game.

Meaning and History logo

Biloxi Shuckers logo history

The club traces its history to the Nashville Sounds franchise, which started competing in 1978. Today, the Shuckers are part of the Southern League and have the status of the Double-A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Primary symbol

Biloxi Shuckers symbol
The brand identity introduced in advance of the 2015/16 playing season was developed by the California-based agency Brandiose. We can see an open (or, in other words, shucked) oyster looking at us indignantly (which is perfectly natural, in her position).

What does the emblem mean?

Biloxi Shuckers emblem
What does the logo mean? It surely doesn’t just show that the players love oysters. Its meaning goes far beyond the food theme. With this emblem, the players are trying to show what they are going to do with their opponents. So, it’s just another way of intimidating their rivals, an analogue of sharp claws or teeth on the logos of sports teams with animal mascots.


Biloxi Shuckers logo baseball
The oyster is given in sand and coral. Blue used for the eyelids and the wordmark outline is extremely bright.