AWZ Logo


AWZ is the name of a former German automaking company, which was established at the beginning of the 1950s, and merged with Horch in 1958. During its short history, the brand has released just one car model — AWZ P70.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the AWZ brand was truly a masterpiece. Everything was perfectly balanced and combined in its sophisticated yet confident badge, executed in two shades of gray — the light silver shade for the main body and the darker tone for lines and details.

There were two versions created for the brand — a flat one, with white lettering and very thin contouring, and the three-dimensional badge, drawn with an addition of blue shade, adding shadow and volume to the inscription and outline.

AWZ Logo

The AWZ emblem was composed of a plain circle with a double outline. The unique monogram was placed inside the smaller circle, where the wordmark was also placed around the perimeter. The monogram was composed of the letter “A” standing on the “Z”. The bars of the “A” were bent up, forming the shape of the “W”.

The monogram had another outline — smooth and rounded, repeating the contours of the letters.

As for the wordmark, it was composed of “VEB Automobilwerk Zwickau Zachsen” lettering in a simple bold sans-serif with no decorative details, just a contrast contouring.

It was a very classy and elegant badge, which added a sense of high quality and attention to detail, when placed on the car, and evokes a mysterious artsy feeling when was seen on printed materials.