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Auverland is an automobile manufacturer specializing in the production of off-road vehicles and military vehicles. The company is owned by the French defense company Panhard. With its headquarters located in Saint-Nazaire, France, Auverland operates in various international markets, catering to both civilian and military customers. It is known for its robust and versatile vehicles designed to excel in challenging terrains and demanding environments.

Meaning and history

Auverland Logo

Auverland is an esteemed French automaker founded by Guy Verrier in 1980. This company has made significant contributions to the automotive industry. Auverland gained recognition for producing robust and versatile off-road vehicles designed for military, commercial, and recreational purposes. Their vehicles have demonstrated exceptional performance and durability in various challenging terrains and extreme conditions. Over the years, Auverland has established itself as a reliable provider of specialized vehicles, catering to the needs of armed forces, law enforcement agencies, and adventure enthusiasts. Today, Auverland continues to thrive in the market, offering a diverse range of off-road vehicles that combine innovation, ruggedness, and advanced technology, positioning itself as a trusted name in the industry.

What is Auverland?
Auverland is a French automobile manufacturer known for producing off-road vehicles. With a history dating back to 1955, the company specializes in creating robust and versatile vehicles that excel in challenging terrains. Their lineup includes rugged SUVs and military-grade vehicles.