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Holt, a former automaker from the USA, was founded by Benjamin Holt. Primarily known for their innovative track-type tractors, Holt’s revolutionary designs significantly impacted the agricultural and construction industries. The company operated prominently between 1883 and 1925.

Meaning and history

Holt Logo

Benjamin Holt established Holt in 1883 in the USA. This pioneering automaker revolutionized the world of heavy machinery by introducing track-type tractors, forever changing agricultural and construction operations. Their designs laid the foundation for the modern-day Caterpillar machinery. By the 1920s, facing competition and evolving industrial dynamics, Holt merged with C.L. Best Gas Tractor Company, forming the globally recognized Caterpillar Inc.

What is Holt?
Holt was an American automaker that operated between 1883 and 1925. It’s renowned for pioneering track-type tractors, laying the groundwork for the modern Caterpillar machinery.