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Embarking on its journey in 2018, Aurus Motors carved a niche in Russia’s automotive landscape as a purveyor of luxury vehicles. Initially tailoring to the government fleet, Aurus unfurled its wings with the Senat, a civilian luxury sedan, in 2021. Nestled in Moscow’s metropolis, the brand crafts an array of prestigious automobiles, including the armored Senat Limousine and the opulent Komendant SUV, the latter joining the lineup in late 2022. The emblematic Kortezh series represents the zenith of Russian vehicular luxury, encapsulating a commitment to exclusivity and grandeur.

Meaning and history

Aurus Motors, a manifestation of Russia’s ambition in the luxury automotive sector, emerged in 2018. The company’s genesis is intertwined with the Russian government’s desire to create a national brand of luxury vehicles. Initially focused on producing state motorcade vehicles, Aurus quickly became synonymous with Russian presidential transportation. In 2021, the brand expanded its scope, venturing into the civilian market with the introduction of the Aurus Senat, a full-size luxury sedan that marked the company’s first foray into commercial sales.

Aurus’ product line, known as the Kortezh series, is a blend of opulence and robust engineering. The series includes the Senat sedan, an armored limousine version for state use, and the Komendant, a luxury SUV introduced in 2022. Upcoming innovations include the Merlon, an electric motorcycle prototype slated for release in 2023. The company also has a presence in motorsport, with the Aurus 01, a Le Mans Prototype racing car.

Owned primarily by NAMI (63.5%), along with stakes held by Tawazun Holding (36%) and Sollers JSC (0.5%), Aurus represents a unique fusion of Russian automotive ingenuity and luxury, challenging established norms in the global high-end vehicle market.

What is Aurus?
Aurus is a Russian enterprise specializing in the creation of luxury automobiles, marking its inception in 2018. Originally dedicated to crafting state motorcade vehicles, Aurus expanded its horizon in 2021 by unveiling its first civilian luxury car, the Aurus Senat. This venture symbolizes Russia’s foray into the high-end automotive market, blending state-of-the-art engineering with opulent design.


Aurus Logo

The logo for Aurus is a shield-shaped emblem, combining classic and modern design elements. At the crest, a silver star radiates, symbolizing excellence and high aspirations. The company name ‘AURUS’ is boldly inscribed in a black band, ensuring instant recognition. Below, vertical silver stripes against a metallic backdrop evoke the grille of a luxury vehicle, hinting at the brand’s automotive domain. This insignia is framed with a golden outline, adding an extra touch of elegance and prestige.

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