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Grecav, an Italian automaker, is known for its specialization in the production of light quadricycles. Owned by the Cagiva Group, it presents a niche focus in the automotive industry. Grecav operates primarily in its homeland, Italy, with its products gaining traction in various European markets. It continues to refine its portfolio, ensuring safety and compact utility in its vehicles.

Meaning and history

Founded by the Cagiva Group in Italy, Grecav is an automaker with an interesting niche – the production of light quadricycles. Since its inception, it has made noteworthy strides in its segment, with its vehicles being recognized for their safety and compactness. These unique attributes have enabled Grecav to find a place in the broader European market. As of the present, the company maintains its manufacturing in Italy and continues to refine its products in line with the latest market trends.

What is Grecav?
Grecav is an Italian automaker, specializing in light quadricycles. It’s a division of the Cagiva Group, known for its niche vehicles in the European market.

Grecav Logo