Augusta GreenJackets Logo

Augusta GreenJackets LogoThe logo of the Minor League Baseball team Augusta GreenJackets depicts a bee in a green jacket.

Meaning and history

Augusta GreenJackets Logo history

Founded in 1980, the franchise is currently the Class-A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants. It competes in the South Atlantic League. The name “GreenJackets” was chosen as an homage to the city of Augusta sports heritage. Back in 1937, Augusta National Golf Club required its member to wear green jackets during the Masters, a famous golf championship.

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Old symbol

Augusta GreenJackets symbol

The old Augusta GreenJackets logo (1994) featured a bee with pink wings wearing (of course) a green jacket.

The 2006 emblem

Augusta GreenJackets emblem

While the focal point of the current emblem is also a bee, the overall design is different, more emotional. The bee is holding its paws on the jacket as if he was going to take it off, while the color palette has been simplified in order to put an emphasis on the jacket itself.


Augusta GreenJackets Logo

The five-color palette combines two shades of green with gold, black, and white.