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The Great Falls Voyagers has gone through several names and logos during their 50- year history. And yet, the Minor League Baseball team hasn’t changed its emblem since adopting the current name in 2008.

Meaning and history

Great Falls Voyagers Logo history

What makes the Great Falls Voyagers logo stand out is that it was inspired by the UFO theme. Their home city, Great Falls, Montana, has been known as a hot spot for UFO-type sightings and activity since 1950, at least.

Great Falls Voyagers logo

Primary symbol

Great Falls Voyagers symbol

Moreover, one of the most known sightings, the so-called Mariana UFO Incident, was filmed in 1950 right from the Voyagers’ ballpark (the team played under the name of the Great Falls Electrics back then). The person who filmed it was Nicholas Mariana, the general manager of the franchise. Hardly a surprise, the logo features a UFO.

Alternative emblem

Great Falls Voyagers emblem

The head of an extraterrestrial being is depicted inside a UFO.

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