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Apple Music is one of the Apple services, which offers access to the iTunes Store’s vast media library, personalized music selection, and connectivity to your favorite artists through Connect. Launched in 2014 as Beats Music, by today the service has grown into a super functional and easy-to-use streaming platform.

Meaning and history

Apple Music Logo history

Since the launch of Apple Music in 2015, the streaming service has gained more than 27 million subscribers. Today the platform competes with such online music industry giants as Spotify and SoundCloud.

Apple Music not only offers a huge music library but also includes Beats 1 Internet radio station, which does not require a subscription, genre radio stations, and personalized stations which you create by choosing a song or an artist according to your mood.

Apple Music tries to work based on user feedback. Users mark tracks they like and thus give the service information about their preferences for further recommendations. So here you will always find the playlists created by the service, especially for you.

There is also an option to subscribe to your favorite musicians’ personal profiles and follow all their newest tracks and recommendations.

What is Apple Music?
Apple Music is an online music streaming platform from Apple, which was launched in 2014, based on the Beats Music service. This subscription-based app allows its users to make up playlists from tracks both in their library and iTunes, listen to the recommended playlists and give access to the Beats 1 radio.

In terms of visual identity, since the official service was renamed Apple Music, the logo hasn’t changed much, and today both logos, created in 2015 and 2019, are used by the online streaming platform.

2014 – 2015

Apple Music Logo 2014

The service was developed based on Beats Music in 2014, and for several months had the same name. The original logo was executed in a bright candy-like pink and purple color palette, with a bold circular emblem and a lowercase logotype, set in two styles. The first part of the inscription, the “Beats”, was written in the lightweight rounded sans-serif font, in the lowercase, while the “Music” was set in the uppercase of an extra-bold geometric font. The emblem featured a bright gradient roundel with the white lowercase “B” in a shape of a note drawn over it, and a small gradient triangle in its middle, standing for the Play button.

2015 – Today

Apple Music Logo 2015

The service was officially renamed in 2015, and this is when the first Apple Music logo saw the light. It is a bold and minimalistic black logo, composed of an iconic Apple emblem on the left, and a bold uppercase “Music” wordmark in a modern geometric sans-serif, set on the right from it. The height of the characters in the inscription equals the size of the emblem, which high creates a very stable and balanced look for the whole badge.

2019 – Today

Apple Music Logo

Even though the Apple Music logo, designed in 2015, is still in use by the service, the company decided to create one more version, just to refresh the style, and now both badges represent the platform. The new Apple Music logo is also set in black and white and comprises a black Apple icon on the left from the black sans-serif lettering. But, there are a few differences: first of all, the lettering here is set in the Title case; secondly, the typeface is a bit more traditional; thirdly, the size of the emblem now equals the lowercase characters of the inscription, with the capital “M” becoming the largest element of the badge.

Font and color

Apple Music Emblem

Both versions of the Apple Music logo, used by the platform, feature stable and bold wordmarks, set in modern sans-serif fonts. The lettering from the earlier version is executed in the font, which looks very close to such types as Core Sans D 55 Bold, or Road Bold. As for the title case inscription from the logo, created in 2019, its font is pretty similar to Sequel Sans Display Medium, and Nimbus Sans Novus D SemiBold.

The color palette of the Apple Music visual identity is eternal classics — black and white. It doesn’t look strict, but strong, professional, and stable, showing the progressiveness and reliability of the platform, and allowing to use of the logo on different backgrounds.