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SoundCloud is music online platform, which was created for uploading and sharing audio files. The service was launched in 2007 in Germany. Today it is one of the most popular music platforms with more than 170 million users.

Meaning and history

The SoundCloud logo, composed of a wordmark and an emblem on its left, is instantly recognizable across the globe.

The platform’s bright yet simple visual identity evokes friendly and warm feelings. The orange color of the brand’s palette is a reflection of positive energy and a good mood, which music gives you.

What is Soundcloud?
SoundCloud is the name of an audio platform, created in Sweden in 2007. Today SoundCloud is a popular streaming service, and a distribution platform for young musicians, and an online community for fans.

The SoundCloud wordmark in all capital letters is written in a traditional sans-serif typeface with mid-bold clean lines. The letters have a lot of space between each other and it creates a lightweight sense.

SoundCloud Logo

The SoundCloud emblem, which is also used as the platform and application icon, is a smooth cloud, visually divided into two parts. The left half of the cloud is composed of several vertical lines, which symbolize music beats on the equalizer, while the right part of the emblem is solid.

When used as an icon, the cloud in white is placed inside an orange square with rounded angles. It looks modern and remarkable.

The orange and white color palette of the SoundCloud logo is a representation of the optimistic character and creativity of the company. It evokes a smile and happy feelings.


The SoundCloud icon is bright and modern. The gradient orange and white color palette represent creativity, artistic character, and of course, the energy of music, which the application was designed to share with its listeners.

The icon of SoundCloud is composed of an intense gradient orange square with rounded angles and a stylized white image of the cloud, drawn over it. The left part of the clod has a vertical stripes pattern, representing the music beats, while the right half of the cloud is plain and solid white.

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