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Whatever modifications the iTunes logo has gone through, it has always preserved its two main symbolic elements – notes and an oval or round shape representing an audio CD. Both of them have been present since its first version was introduced almost 20 years ago. With every modification, the emblem has been growing less realistic.

Meaning and history

Itunes Logo history

The iTunes icon is one of those, that was redesigned almost every year after the app’s launch, so it has many versions created during its history, but almost all of them feature the same style and composition and vary only in their color palette.


Itunes Logo 2001

The very first iTunes logo was introduced in 2001 and depicted a gradient compact disc with three notes, drawn in gradient pink and purple. The version didn’t stay long and was replaced by a new emblem in the same year.

2001 — 2002

Itunes Logo 2001

The new version of the iTunes logo depicted a double blue note placed on the background with a glossy silver compact disc, which was slightly inclined, creating a gray shadow on white.

2002 — 2003

Itunes Logo 2002

The redesign of 2002 changed the blue of the note to purple, to reflect the creativity and a variety of music compositions available on the service.

2003 — 2006

Itunes Logo 2003

The new color was introduced in 2003, and it was green, standing for growth, prosperity, and progress. The cd on the background was enlarged, and the gray shadow became lighter and smaller.

2006 — 2010

Itunes Logo 2006

The double note was drawn in gradient blue again, like on the logo from 2001, but with all the elements in a bigger size and the inclination angle of the compact disc smaller.

2010 — 2012

Itunes Logo 2010

The completely new style was brought to the iTunes visual identity in 2010. It was a glossy and gradient blue circle in a wide silver outline with a flat double note in black, placed in its middle. The new color palette made the logo brighter and more confident.

2012 — 2014

Itunes Logo 2012

The flat black note was changed to silver, which gained a delicate black outline and slight gradient along its borders, looking dynamic and voluminous. The upper part of the badge got more shine and gloss.

2014 — 2015

Itunes Logo 2014

The logo was simplified in 2014. The blue and gray color palette was changed to coral-red and silver, with the new red circle in a thinner silver outline and fewer gradients. The contours of the nite were redrawn in a more modern way, and the surface became matte.

2015 — Today

Itunes logo

In 2015 Apple starts using the gradient purple and pink double not in a white background, which has a delicate outline in the same pink-purple palette. The iTunes logo looks stylish and elegant, being bright and tender at the same time.

Old logo (iTunes 2.0 and up)

Itunes Logo old

When the music service moved to OS X, a new logo debuted. The three lone eighth notes were replaced by a double eighth note colored navy blue.

With each of the following releases before 2010, subtle upgrades to the logotype were introduced. The most noticeable was the way the notes changed their color. In 2002, they became purple, a year later they were colored green, then acquired a bright shade of blue in 2006. The CD itself was also slightly modified.

Symbol in 2010-2014

Symbol Itunes

The release of iTunes 10.0 in 2010 coincided with the most notable redesign in the history of the iTunes logo. Due to the fact that by that time digital downloads surpassed CD in popularity, the CD on the background was removed. To make the logo consistent, its authors preserved the circular shape, which reminded of the original logo, but made it more straightforward. Now, the logo was more like an icon.

Throughout the following years, all the elements of the logo changed their colors several times, while the overall design remained the same.

The 2015 emblem

Emblem Itunes

The logo, which debuted along with the new Apple Music service in July 2015, features the same shapes while introducing a different color palette. Both the notes and the outer frame became multicolored, while the area inside the circle frame grew light grey, almost white.


The sleek sans serif font featured on the logo is Myriad Bold, which was developed by Carol Twombly and Robert Slimbach.


Itunes Logo colro

With every new version of the logo, a new color palette has been introduced. So, we can’t say that the color scheme is what makes the iTunes symbols recognizable.