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OLX is the name of a global marketplace, which was established in 2006 in the Netherlands. The platform specializes in selling electronic food and clothing, yet there are all the possible categories in its catalog, starting from kitchen appliances and plating, and finishing with automobiles.

Meaning and history

OLX Logo history

The European marketplace’s visual identity was redesigned once, in 13 years after its introduction. There has never been anything special or memorable about the OLX logo, and the two versions, created for it during its history are completely different and have nothing in common at all.

2006 — 2018

OLX Logo 2006

The original OLX logo was composed of colorful lettering enclosed in a thin gray circular frame. Each of the three capital letters in a bold and smooth sans-serif fea-tured its own color — purple for “O”, calm green for “L” and orange for “X”. This color palette represented diversity and variety, though its strict and simple framing evokes a sense of professionalism and confidence.

The logo was In use by the online platform for 13 years, and in some countries is stayed the main version until 2020.

2018 — Today

OLX logo

In 2018 the platform adopted a completely new style and concept of its visual identity. The stylized blue wordmark now featured ExtraBold lines and different sizes of the letters, with the “O” enlarged, “L” as just a vertical separation line, and “X” in a smaller size, looking like it is enclosed into an invisible square frame.

The variety and diversity are now represented by shapes and sizes, not colors, like before. And this approach seems to be stronger and looks progressive and profes-sional.

Three different geometric figures — circle, line, and square, reflect the wide selection of available goods and items on the website. The bright blue color placed on a white background evokes a sense of trustworthiness and reliability, and the difference in sizes makes the whole image playful and friendly.