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Anfin is a distinctive car brand, conceptualized and brought to life by the renowned Japanese automaker Mazda. It was primarily developed in Japan, a hub of technological and automotive innovation. The brand emerged as Mazda’s strategy to create a luxury division, aiming to compete in the upscale market segment, similar to Toyota’s Lexus or Honda’s Acura. Anfini cars are designed to offer a blend of Mazda’s engineering prowess with enhanced luxury, performance, and exclusivity, targeting discerning customers seeking a premium driving experience.

Meaning and history

Anfini, a unique marque under the Mazda umbrella, was born out of Japan’s automotive ingenuity. This venture, initiated in the 1990s, was Mazda’s strategic response to the luxury car market’s evolution. Observing the success of fellow Japanese giants Toyota and Honda with their luxury divisions, Lexus and Acura respectively, Mazda sought to carve its own niche.

The vision was clear – infuse Mazda’s engineering excellence with a touch of luxury and exclusivity. Anfini aimed at customers desiring more than just Mazda’s traditional offerings. It wasn’t just about upscale materials or advanced features; Anfini was a symbol of Mazda’s commitment to craftsmanship, performance, and a premium experience.

Despite its promise, Anfini’s journey was a tale of ambition meeting reality. The brand faced challenges in distinguishing itself within the highly competitive luxury segment. Additionally, economic factors during its inception period, particularly the Asian financial crisis, impacted its growth and visibility in the global market.

Anfini’s story is not just about cars; it’s a narrative of Mazda’s exploration beyond conventional boundaries. It reflects a bold attempt at transformation and innovation. While Anfini might not have become a household name like Lexus or Acura, it remains a significant chapter in Mazda’s history, emblematic of the company’s continuous pursuit of automotive excellence and its ability to adapt and evolve in a dynamic industry.

What is Anfini?
Anfini is an exclusive sub-brand of Mazda, conceived as a luxury division within the Japanese automaker’s portfolio. It represents Mazda’s venture into the upscale automotive market, offering vehicles that combine Mazda’s renowned engineering with a higher degree of luxury and sophistication.


Anfini Logo
This logo presents a dynamic, abstract design, reminiscent of a stylized letter “A” hinting at motion and fluidity. Its form conjures a sense of advancement and modernity, with thick, bold strokes that taper elegantly, conveying strength and grace. The use of negative space creates an intriguing visual puzzle, inviting the eye to discern its structure, which may symbolize connectivity and innovation. The overall effect is futuristic and sophisticated, reflecting an identity rooted in forward-thinking and high-quality craftsmanship.