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Renault Ampere is an independent division dedicated to the development of electric vehicles and software for the European market, established in 2023. Ampere plans to produce seven all-electric models for Renault by 2031, including two next-generation models.

Meaning and history

In 2023, Renault spun off its electric vehicle business into a new division, Ampere. The Ampere brand will focus exclusively on electric vehicles. Renault created the new division to reduce the cost of developing and producing electric cars to cope with competition from Chinese automakers.

The Renault Group unveiled the Renaulution strategy in early 2021, immediately dividing it into three phases. The final part, called Revolution, which involves changing the business model towards electric cars and carsharing, was supposed to start only in 2025. But the French pushed things forward – and announced the Revolution as early as 2023.

Under the patronage of Renault, a separate company Ampere has been created, which will focus on the full cycle of electric car development. The French were pushed to this decision by the problems of recent years, which arose due to the disruption of logistics chains around the world.

The competence of Ampere will include not only hardware (electric motors, batteries, chassis, etc.), which is available now but also software – it will also be its own, although external partners like Qualcomm are involved in its creation.

The new Renault brand has already announced that it plans to bring six all-electric cars to market by 2030. The new vehicles will be based on two modular architectures focused on electric vehicles, and approach additional zero-emission offerings for partner brands Alpine, Nissan, and Mitsubishi.

As part of the broader “Renaulution” plan, Ampere became an autonomous organization on November 1, in line with its role in supporting the Renault Group’s electrification strategy. Renault’s expanded range of electric vehicles will cover the A, B, and C segments: from city cars to family crossovers.

In addition to Renault-branded offerings, Ampere will also launch at least two new electric vehicles for Alpine, the next-generation Nissan Micra and an as yet unnamed new compact SUV for Mitsubishi. The new division will also support Dacia’s electrification plan and provide software solutions for the entire Renault Group.

The Ampere division will occupy the niche of affordable electric cars. The first car is planned to be launched on the market by 2026. The CMF-BEV, on which Renault compact electric cars will be based, will be used as a platform. However, no technical specifications have not yet been disclosed.

What is Ampere?
Ampere is the name of an electric car auto marque, which was created by the French Renault Group at the end of 2023. The first Ampere City Electric car was introduced by the company in November. The start of its sales in the European market is scheduled for 2026.

In terms of visual identity, Ampere is very light and elegant, despite the sharpness of the elements, which form its geometric emblem and the e distinction of the characters in the logotype. There is a strong resemblance with the Renault logo, the mother company of the brand, however, the Ampere badge is somewhat new and progressive.

2023 – Today

Ampere Logo

The Ampere logo was introduced in the end of 2023, by the launch of the brand. It is composed of a geometric emblem in a tender pink-to-gray gradient palette, and a black uppercase lettering placed under it. The emblem is a sharp rhombus (a tribute to the famous Renault Diamond) formed by 25 smaller rhombuses, which on top of the figure are larger and have thinner distance between them, and going smaller and with a wider distance to the bottom. Same with the color — it goes from light on top to dark gray on the bottom.

Font and color

Ampere Emblem

The meat uppercase lettering from the official Ampere logo is set in a classy modern sans-serif typeface with medium-weight bars and clean contours of the characters. It is a custom designer typeface, which has something in common with such commercial fonts as Engraver’s Gothic, or Aviano Sans Layers Primary, with with significant modifications of some characters.

As for the color palette of the Ampere visual identity, it makes the logo of the brand stand out in the list of its competitors, as features some unusual for automotive industry shades, such as light powder pink, changing to gray. The color scheme makes the simple Ampere emblem look extremely elegant and exquisite.