Mitsubishi Electric Logo

Mitsubishi Electric LogoMitsubishi Electric Logo PNG

Mitsubishi Electric is the name of one of the world’s leading corporations, specializing in electrical-equipment development and production. The corporation was established in 1921 in Japan.

Meaning and history

The Mitsubishi Electric visual identity is one of the most recognizable across the globe. The name of the company, Mitsubishi, can be translated from Japanese as “three diamonds” and the company’s logo is a perfect graphical representation of the name’s meaning.

The iconic emblem has a huge heritage, as was created based on the old crests of the company’s founder city of birth and the family he worked for.

The three red diamonds, forming a triangle are accompanied by a simple modern wordmark.

Mitsubishi Electric Logo

The “Mitsubishi Electric” inscription in all the capital letters is written in a strict and strong sans-serif typeface and is placed on two levels. The font is perfectly balanced and spaced and makes the logo look complete and harmonized.

The red and black color palette of the Mitsubishi Electric visual identity is a reflection of power, eternal energy, and progress. The company is one of the world’s leaders in its field and the Mitsubishi Electric logo shows it as strong and professional.